No worries, it's not the kind of FAQ you yell out when something bad happens. We've prepared this list of the most frequently asked questions about PC7 Academy. If your curiosity is not satisfied here, don't hesitate to ask us directly.


Our whole philosophy is one of transparency.


You should receive the confirmation via email soon after you sign up. We will contact you again a few days before the entrance exam. Don't forget to check your spam once in a while.

We love to have PC7 Academy in a hybrid mode, which means we give you the freedom to decide which option suits you better.

The price of attending PC7 Academy courses varies according to the program and course you choose. But don't worry, once you decide what you want, there's no unpleasant surprises to be scared of.


Yes, you can apply to PC7 Academy, as long as you are willing to transform your knowledge & eager to gain new skills.

Yes, you can apply to PC7 Academy if you recently graduated from college and are not yet employed full-time, as long as you are willing to transform your knowledge & eager to gain new skills.

Yes, you don't have to be a student or unemployed to apply to PC7 Academy. You only need to be willing to transform your knowledge & eager to gain new skills.


The entrance exam is mandatory for all development courses, but don't get scared. It is just an evaluation of your knowledge & skills, so we can easily find out which program and approach would suit you best.

Learn the basics of object-oriented programming and be familiar with Git basics. Our Team Leads recommend reading through Headfirst OOP (even though it's written for Java, it is helpful) and exploring Git basics.

The entrance course for non-beginner development courses will cover General coding skills (for loops, branching, variables, and operators – through theory and code examples in C); Basic algorithms like searching (for example, binary), sorting, and data structures.


Look no further! The best option for your company is the 007 program, at the end of which you will get experts and real 007 tech agents, who will overcome every mission that your clients set before them.

For ambitious juniors who are eager to learn more and acquire competencies that will give them an advantage at every job interview - 003 is the ideal program.

If you want to dive into the world of coding and are just starting to learn programming, our advice is to start with the 001 program, where you will create a solid foundation for your career from experienced mentors.


For most of the courses - no. You can use your personal laptop and install the necessary software. Around 8GB of RAM is recommended, but not mandatory. We will make sure to teach you how to work with the available resources.

For most of teh courses a personal laptop is mandatory, but it doesn't need to be a MacBook. For the iOS course, you will need a MacBook so you can install Xcode and run the simulator.