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Why PC7 Academy?

Transforming education and shaping new leaders startup, academia or corporate?

Noticing the skill gap between the formal education and the modern corporate world, we decided to transform education and put experience-based learning as a key element of our lectures, led by top consulting experts. Boost your career and discover the best version of yourself!

We support Hackatons.

The PC7 lecturer mentored the winning team (BeeSmart) at the hackathon "GREEN HACK": With open data to a green future", organized by the Ministry of Public Administration together with the Ljubljana Technology Park, the City Municipality of Ljubljana and the International Research Center for Artificial Intelligence under the auspices of UNESCO – IRCAI.

Education works like magic. Learn things in minutes.

Learn basic and advanced knowledge for your entrepreneurial journey from top experts and mentors in courses, training materials and one on one sessions

We educate your employees, no matter if this is to boost their personal growth and mindset, leadership qualities or skill them up in new fields or technologies.

Bringing your research results to the market is not that easy no matter how innovative and novel it is. We help you to get the entrepreneurial mindset and the skills as also potentially missing development power to boost your research paper to an unicorn.

You need a fast and qualitative implementation for your idea and you don't know how to do it? We provide you with the basic skills to bring your product to life for yourself.

1:1 mentoring sessions.

Our mentors Primož Cigoj and Michael Trimmel are participating in the EU DigitALL, a course that aims to familiarize tourism SMEs and startups with the main concepts, approaches and tools related to digital transformation in order to enable them to identify interventions that can strengthen their skills in their business and understand how the digital techs can be beneficial to their business growth. Ready to seize the moment and use the opportunity to have a 1:1 mentoring session with a professional and elevate your business by learning how to implement digital technologies?

Find a field you are passionate about and reach your maximum.

PC7 Academy focuses on gaining applied knowledge and skills to succeed in the modern corporate world, with the emphasis on the changes that the tech industry brings in the business world. Nurturing the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation, we offer modern and up-to-date lectures, never compromising quality.

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