We founded PC7 Academy as one of our unique ways to contribute to a better future, filled with self-initiative, skilled and open-minded people, ready to be new leaders and game changers. Our mission is to prepare you for a mission and lead you in your transformation into a 007 tech agent.
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With open data to a green future.

The PC7 lecturer mentored the winning team at the hackathon "GREEN HACK", organized by the Ministry of Public Administration together with the Ljubljana Technology Park, the City Municipality of Ljubljana and the International Research Center for Artificial Intelligence under the auspices of UNESCO – IRCAI.


Learn how to implement digital technologies!

Our mentors Primož Cigoj and Michael Trimmel participated in the EU DigitALL, a course that aims to familiarize tourism SMEs and startups with the main concepts, approaches and tools related to digital transformation in order to enable them to identify interventions that can strengthen their skills.